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Inside This Edition Is This The Face Of Dr. Mudd?

The K-II
Is this thing for real?

EPR News:
October, 2008 - Point Lookout Lighthouse announces the 2009 dates for their 'Paranormal Nights'. See our Resources section for more information.

September, 2008 - EPR investigator Rie Sadler is selected as a guest speaker at the Eastern Regional Paranormal Conference in Harpers Ferry, WV, July 17-19, 2009.

Aug 11, 2008 - EPR joins PRISMd for an overnight inestigation of Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia, PA..

July 20-22, 2008 - EPR investigates West Virginia State Pennitentiary in Moundsville, WV. Strange sounds are recorded in the exercise yard...

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Reflection in mirror, Dr. Mudd House, Beantown, MD

The K-II meter. What is it? You may have heard some say this is an EMF meter that has been modified for use in the paranormal field. They're half right. It is an EMF meter.

It is the Safe Range EMF Meter made by K-II Enterprises. The unenlightened began calling it the K-II because of the companies marker on the front of the device. This is a low-end AC EMF meter like the Gauss Master, only less accurate. Don't get me wrong, it has the capability of being as accurate as the Gauss Master except for the display.

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